I don’t like summer season at all, but this year I really want to enjoy it, but I don’t know how could it be possible 😥 Actually summer becomes too cruel here in Punjab province of Pakistan and it remains persistent for 3-4 months in an uncontrolled way. I become a very different person in summer season because of change in mood due to hot weather. I always  pour out some thing bad to others(due to anger and lack of control).  May God give me patience this year 😛


Common clichés!!

  1. Actions speak louder than words.
  2. The grass is always greener on the other side.
  3. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
  4.  You can’t judge a book by its cover.
  5. You can’t please everyone.
  6. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
  7. Love is blind.
  8. Ignorance is bliss.
  9. There’s no time like the present.
  10. Better safe than sorry.


Faith is a word which means complete trust or confidence in something or someone. We should have a strong faith on destiny that what is coming is far better than what is gone and the One who is giving us is the ALLAH Almighty, who loves his creatures more than anything else, Who loves human beings more than 70 mothers, Who is Compassionate. Actually we are the people with little wisdom. We sometimes want the things which are not actually better for us but He is All-Knowing and has great wisdom. One tip to get blessings in your life is to do good with living creatures and see how ALLAH bless you. To depend on ALLAH is better. To depend upon human beings is just like grasping at straws.

Allah Almighty has kept certain secrets hidden. One such secret is the acceptance of deeds. At times we think, “How can such a small deed lead to Jannah?” The Messenger of Allah (upon him blessings and peace) has ordered us to never take any good deed lightly. A good deed is never insignificant and hence should neither be passed up nor looked upon as trivial. We do not know in which deed lie the keys to our salvation. It may be that a deed we consider as small and insignificant is actually so pleasing to Allah Almighty that He accepts it and in consequence forgives all other shortcomings and mistakes of His servant. As is narrated in a hadith by Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him), a prostitute once saw a dog panting out of thirst, so she fed it water to quench it. Consequently, Allah Almighty forgave her (Bukhari). Benefit of Simple Deeds in this World and in the Hereafter Although in the Hereafter there will be reward for our virtuous actions, so too in this world we will be gifted the positive outcome of those actions. If we understand that the benefits of good deeds are manifested in this world, then we will easily fulfill our duties as Muslims. The great scholar, Shaykh Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani (may Allah preserve him), highlights a point which is often forgotten: “The methods prescribed by Islam to better the human lot in the hereafter are not really difficult; in fact, if one adopts them, his earthly life too becomes pleasant and comfortable. But unfortunately, it is generally believed today that observance of Islamic teachings is difficult and demands the sacrifice of many worldly advantages, pleasures, and comforts. Consequently, most people, being scared of this assumed difficulty, veer away from the Divine Path.” Due to this misconception, we become ignorant of the fact that there are deeds ordained by Islam which neither entail any difficulty nor require consumption of much time and expenditure. If we develop a positive attitude towards our religion, then we could be piling on tons of virtuous deeds to be presented to Allah Almighty. The Messenger of Allah (upon him blessings and peace) said: “The most beloved actions in the sight of Allah are the regular ones, even if they amount to little in quantity”(Bukhari, Muslim). After we pass away, how foolish would we feel to look back at the life of this world and realize the opportunities we missed out on? How unfortunate we must be to have ignored those virtuous deeds which entail no hardship yet harvest great rewards? May Allah Almighty protect us from such a misfortune.

Way towards success!!

Most of the people now-a-days are not satisfied with their luck. They are not happy with the things which are given to them and they can’t get what they want. The most important trick to get what we want is “CONSISTENCY”. Consistency in attitude. Be consistent in asking from ALLAH what you want. Be consistent in hard work and never lose hope. Things take time to happen so be patient and always believe on the fact that what is coming is better than what is gone. We are oblivious to the fact that the thing which is not given to us was not better for us but ALLAH Almighty knows everything. So, be consistent in asking from Him and then no troublemakers could ever destroy you.

Wish me good luck!!

Hey people! I want from all of you to wish me a good luck as I am preparing for some important tests of life. I believe that prayers and wishes come true. I wish happiness and success for everyone out there, who is reading this blog 🙂 It is the world’s best feeling to become the part of someone’s prayers while being oblivious and it is possible only then, when you do something good for anyone else as it is said that “Do good and have good” 🙂

Trip to Murree, Pakistan

Some days before, me and my sister got a chance to go to a trip with friends, to Murree. Murree is one of the beautiful cities of Pakistan. I really wanted to see the snowfall as I hadn’t seen the snowfall before. But luckily, on this trip, a dream which I weaved from ages, of seeing snowfall, come true. It was an amazing trip.


We had made snowman also. We enjoyed a lot. At once, it was become difficult for me to tolerate cold, as my feet were frozen but later I changed my socks and shoes. Thanks God we had taken all that stuff with us.