Color Day Celebration!!

Some days before, I was appointed as a school teacher in an institution, nearby my home. I was too happy at the start but my energy always fluctuate with the weather. With the better weather conditions, I feet more energetic and in the other hot days, I feel so weak. After some days of job, the principal of the school decided to throw some sort of party which must involve creativity and activity for the children before summer break. She was planning for the outdoor party, arranged in canopies. Initially, the thought was stifling because of the hot summer days. Finally, she imposes the plan over the teachers as well as on the students to come and join the party. She gave the name to the party as “A color day”. She assigned different colors to various grades and asked the students of all the grades to think about the ideas related to the specific colors, assigned for creativity. Every grade has to promote its color and all the students must have to show their creativity in the supervision of their teachers. All the material which could be used for this creativity is also provided to the students, including charts sheets, formic sheets, water colors, paint brushes etc.

Next morning, when we came to the school, all the arrangements were already done inside the canopies. Luckily, weather also became too awesome so I was really very happy. I supported Blue color. I have chosen blue team as I came up with the idea of making ‘Elsa’ with the blue dress 😀 The day was gone just fantastic. Thank God it doesn’t gone in a way, i was thinking.

Some of the memories of that day, which I want to share, are below:


Trip to Murree, Pakistan

Some days before, me and my sister got a chance to go to a trip with friends, to Murree. Murree is one of the beautiful cities of Pakistan. I really wanted to see the snowfall as I hadn’t seen the snowfall before. But luckily, on this trip, a dream which I weaved from ages, of seeing snowfall, come true. It was an amazing trip.


We had made snowman also. We enjoyed a lot. At once, it was become difficult for me to tolerate cold, as my feet were frozen but later I changed my socks and shoes. Thanks God we had taken all that stuff with us.



I am really happy to discuss the excitement of getting winter vacations. Today is my first vacation from university. I was badly in the need of these vacations so that I could revive back to the old version of mine 😀 In these “one week” vacations I really want to plan to sneak out with friends. I wish the dreams I am weaving for next 6 days, would come true 😦 Else I’ll be stream-rolled by the boredom. I really don’t want to waste these six days. I am the girl who sometimes wants someone to snuck-out with me but I know that is something which is not possible 😦 But I have to do something for my self as I can’t stand that boredom anymore.  I will plan for some sort of trip to enjoy the cold outside. I wish for all of you to enjoy the winters at the fullest as it is really a fun and also pray for me 🙂


Why businesses need to move in cloud now?

Accessing and storing the data/programs over internet instead of personal hard drive is called cloud computing. It is also known as on-demand computing. Cloud computing can refer to ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS).

Accessing and storing the data/programs over internet instead of personal hard drive is called cloud computing. It is also known as on-demand computing. Cloud computing can refer to ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS).

Some examples of cloud computing are Google apps, Google docs, Skype, email checking, checking bank balance through internet or updating pictures, data, Facebook statuses etc. Cloud computing is enough reliable, fast, convenient, efficient to save money. It is suitable for all professional people to avoid workload. People can access their files anytime, anywhere. Only the thing they need is internet. They don’t have worries of backup and crash.

The companies just need to buy the right service package according to their needs and they will be flourished.  Companies should consider their infrastructure before investing on service packages otherwise they may be in loss. Disaster recovery is also important for making data protected and secure. Companies should prioritize privacy and security of data by encrypting it. Business people should not select wrong cloud-provider otherwise they may be in loss. Before migrating business to cloud, businessmen should understand cloud computing completely to avoid perplexity. They should be clear about what they are doing and what they want to do. By considering all these factors, cloud computing is ideal for any business.

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Why We Take Pictures?

Camera and memories

“Why do you take pictures?” It’s a loaded question that I get asked all the time and there’s definitely more than one answer. My first Fuji-film black camera was given to me by my father as a gift on my 17th birthday. This gift exhilarates me and prompt me to say my father that “I love him”. ^_^ This was a best gift ever because although the camera itself is dusky in appearance but it captures bright. I dangled it from my wrist like a tiny box that held all of my prized possessions and secrets. That’s what a camera was for me – a diary of sorts that captured everything from my bare feet in the grass to my sister’s favorite toy sitting on her bed to my mother’s briefcase in its usual spot in the dining room. I took pictures because I loved it and at the time it was that simple. Now, my dexterity of photography is amazing.

Actually my father was a very effervescent professional photographer and he captured many pictures of my family since our childhood. Still we enjoy whenever we see those pictures. I have more than thousand of my pictures from my childhood to up-till now. We spend our leisure time by watching old videos or pictures. It is conspicuous after seeing my old pictures that I changed too much and become enough slender because once I was bulky baby 😛 The reason of my craze about photography is that they capture the moment which is impossible to reproduce again.

This eulogy is for my father who gifted me that small beautiful camera 🙂

Once As Scarlet