Lame Sorcerers!

It is an old issue of our society who believes blindly on everyone without any awareness. One of the main problem is that the people, especially women, discuss their domestic problems within their social circle and the other women suggest them to go to stupid sorcerers so that they could resolve their issues. Unfortunately, in this era, when people are so educated, still they try these stupidities. I have no doubt that magic is a truth but now-a-days people who claim that they are magicians and they have abilities to resolve every problem of the people, are actually want to destroy the lives of innocent people. Most of the time they work for money without any insight about magic. These fake sorcerers are actually muggles who can’t do anything actually, except fooling the people. After much loss, people lose their heads by knowing the truth but they can’t do anything.


Why Their Noses are in my Business???

Unfortunately, after observing so many people, I am tempted to say most of the people of our society are good-for-nothing. They are here in a world only to crane and to find more topics about the people to gossip. It is something peculiar. Literally, these people of society are only to destroy the lives of other people by imposing their point of views to others. The life is full of different people, with different interests, living in different environments. Every person acts accordingly. So, nobody could say anything about other person without standing in his/her shoes. We need to understand it as soon as possible before making more lives miserable.

Common clichés!!

  1. Actions speak louder than words.
  2. The grass is always greener on the other side.
  3. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
  4.  You can’t judge a book by its cover.
  5. You can’t please everyone.
  6. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
  7. Love is blind.
  8. Ignorance is bliss.
  9. There’s no time like the present.
  10. Better safe than sorry.

Wish me good luck!!

Hey people! I want from all of you to wish me a good luck as I am preparing for some important tests of life. I believe that prayers and wishes come true. I wish happiness and success for everyone out there, who is reading this blog 🙂 It is the world’s best feeling to become the part of someone’s prayers while being oblivious and it is possible only then, when you do something good for anyone else as it is said that “Do good and have good” 🙂

Trip to Murree, Pakistan

Some days before, me and my sister got a chance to go to a trip with friends, to Murree. Murree is one of the beautiful cities of Pakistan. I really wanted to see the snowfall as I hadn’t seen the snowfall before. But luckily, on this trip, a dream which I weaved from ages, of seeing snowfall, come true. It was an amazing trip.


We had made snowman also. We enjoyed a lot. At once, it was become difficult for me to tolerate cold, as my feet were frozen but later I changed my socks and shoes. Thanks God we had taken all that stuff with us.



I am really happy to discuss the excitement of getting winter vacations. Today is my first vacation from university. I was badly in the need of these vacations so that I could revive back to the old version of mine 😀 In these “one week” vacations I really want to plan to sneak out with friends. I wish the dreams I am weaving for next 6 days, would come true 😦 Else I’ll be stream-rolled by the boredom. I really don’t want to waste these six days. I am the girl who sometimes wants someone to snuck-out with me but I know that is something which is not possible 😦 But I have to do something for my self as I can’t stand that boredom anymore.  I will plan for some sort of trip to enjoy the cold outside. I wish for all of you to enjoy the winters at the fullest as it is really a fun and also pray for me 🙂