Teaching is a most important of all the professions because all other professions flourish when students are taught better. So, teaching is a job of greater responsibility and teachers must not take it easy. Teacher must choose the subject to be taught in which they have their element. They should not choose the subject in which they have not insight as teaching must not be considered as a petty thing.

Teacher should remain persistent in his/her hard work so that the upcoming generation could learn more and in return, our entire country would see the result of the consistent nature of the teachers and the hard work and knowledge of the students.

Teachers should not clam up while students ask questions, even these questions are useless and unnecessary as per the situation. If the teacher is doing so, then there would be the fat chance that student can learn and understand much in the class. Because due to the ignorant nature of the teacher, students would get afraid to communicate. When teacher put finger on each and every aspect of the topic and also give the chance to students to communicate, only then he/she would get to know that either the students are getting the points or they are lost somewhere else. Teachers must try to promote the activity-based learning as it is the best way to entrench the knowledge in students’ subconscious.


Color Day Celebration!!

Some days before, I was appointed as a school teacher in an institution, nearby my home. I was too happy at the start but my energy always fluctuate with the weather. With the better weather conditions, I feet more energetic and in the other hot days, I feel so weak. After some days of job, the principal of the school decided to throw some sort of party which must involve creativity and activity for the children before summer break. She was planning for the outdoor party, arranged in canopies. Initially, the thought was stifling because of the hot summer days. Finally, she imposes the plan over the teachers as well as on the students to come and join the party. She gave the name to the party as “A color day”. She assigned different colors to various grades and asked the students of all the grades to think about the ideas related to the specific colors, assigned for creativity. Every grade has to promote its color and all the students must have to show their creativity in the supervision of their teachers. All the material which could be used for this creativity is also provided to the students, including charts sheets, formic sheets, water colors, paint brushes etc.

Next morning, when we came to the school, all the arrangements were already done inside the canopies. Luckily, weather also became too awesome so I was really very happy. I supported Blue color. I have chosen blue team as I came up with the idea of making ‘Elsa’ with the blue dress 😀 The day was gone just fantastic. Thank God it doesn’t gone in a way, i was thinking.

Some of the memories of that day, which I want to share, are below: