Why We Take Pictures?

Camera and memories


“Why do you take pictures?” It’s a loaded question that I get asked all the time and there’s definitely more than one answer. My first Fuji-film black camera was given to me by my father as a gift on my 17th birthday. This gift exhilarates me and prompt me to say my father that “I love him”. ^_^ This was a best gift ever because although the camera itself is dusky in appearance but it captures bright. I dangled it from my wrist like a tiny box that held all of my prized possessions and secrets. That’s what a camera was for me – a diary of sorts that captured everything from my bare feet in the grass to my sister’s favorite toy sitting on her bed to my mother’s briefcase in its usual spot in the dining room. I took pictures because I loved it and at the time it was that simple. Now, my dexterity of photography is amazing.

Actually my father was a very effervescent professional photographer and he captured many pictures of my family since our childhood. Still we enjoy whenever we see those pictures. I have more than thousand of my pictures from my childhood to up-till now. We spend our leisure time by watching old videos or pictures. It is conspicuous after seeing my old pictures that I changed too much and become enough slender because once I was bulky baby 😛 The reason of my craze about photography is that they capture the moment which is impossible to reproduce again.

This eulogy is for my father who gifted me that small beautiful camera 🙂

Once As Scarlet

Lame Sorcerers!

It is an old issue of our society who believes blindly on everyone without any awareness. One of the main problem is that the people, especially women, discuss their domestic problems within their social circle and the other women suggest them to go to stupid sorcerers so that they could resolve their issues. Unfortunately, in this era, when people are so educated, still they try these stupidities. I have no doubt that magic is a truth but now-a-days people who claim that they are magicians and they have abilities to resolve every problem of the people, are actually want to destroy the lives of innocent people. Most of the time they work for money without any insight about magic. These fake sorcerers are actually muggles who can’t do anything actually, except fooling the people. After much loss, people lose their heads by knowing the truth but they can’t do anything.

Why Their Noses are in my Business???

Unfortunately, after observing so many people, I am tempted to say most of the people of our society are good-for-nothing. They are here in a world only to crane and to find more topics about the people to gossip. It is something peculiar. Literally, these people of society are only to destroy the lives of other people by imposing their point of views to others. The life is full of different people, with different interests, living in different environments. Every person acts accordingly. So, nobody could say anything about other person without standing in his/her shoes. We need to understand it as soon as possible before making more lives miserable.

Child Abuse!

Unfortunately, the cases of child abuse are increasing day by day.  The government must show their earnest concern for eliminating the child abuse from roots as the extremists, who do such crimes would taint the impression of the whole country. Serious steps must be taken for the issue as there is no point of bemoaning later when many innocent children would become prey of those rapists and thugs.

Our government is sleeping and seeking help from it is just grasping at straws. So, to get control over this problem is enigmatic. We all must take care of our surroundings. We must be alert all the time and should not blindly trust on everyone as the behavior of such people is always unpredictable.



Babies are the cutest creature on earth. The cutesy of babies is just adorable and that is something i can not resist. I have liked all the pages of babies on Facebook and Instagram. Although there language is cryptic, but I really like talking with them. I felt really disappointed when babies clam up due to mood swings 🙂




Teaching is a most important of all the professions because all other professions flourish when students are taught better. So, teaching is a job of greater responsibility and teachers must not take it easy. Teacher must choose the subject to be taught in which they have their element. They should not choose the subject in which they have not insight as teaching must not be considered as a petty thing.

Teacher should remain persistent in his/her hard work so that the upcoming generation could learn more and in return, our entire country would see the result of the consistent nature of the teachers and the hard work and knowledge of the students.

Teachers should not clam up while students ask questions, even these questions are useless and unnecessary as per the situation. If the teacher is doing so, then there would be the fat chance that student can learn and understand much in the class. Because due to the ignorant nature of the teacher, students would get afraid to communicate. When teacher put finger on each and every aspect of the topic and also give the chance to students to communicate, only then he/she would get to know that either the students are getting the points or they are lost somewhere else. Teachers must try to promote the activity-based learning as it is the best way to entrench the knowledge in students’ subconscious.

Color Day Celebration!!

Some days before, I was appointed as a school teacher in an institution, nearby my home. I was too happy at the start but my energy always fluctuate with the weather. With the better weather conditions, I feet more energetic and in the other hot days, I feel so weak. After some days of job, the principal of the school decided to throw some sort of party which must involve creativity and activity for the children before summer break. She was planning for the outdoor party, arranged in canopies. Initially, the thought was stifling because of the hot summer days. Finally, she imposes the plan over the teachers as well as on the students to come and join the party. She gave the name to the party as “A color day”. She assigned different colors to various grades and asked the students of all the grades to think about the ideas related to the specific colors, assigned for creativity. Every grade has to promote its color and all the students must have to show their creativity in the supervision of their teachers. All the material which could be used for this creativity is also provided to the students, including charts sheets, formic sheets, water colors, paint brushes etc.

Next morning, when we came to the school, all the arrangements were already done inside the canopies. Luckily, weather also became too awesome so I was really very happy. I supported Blue color. I have chosen blue team as I came up with the idea of making ‘Elsa’ with the blue dress 😀 The day was gone just fantastic. Thank God it doesn’t gone in a way, i was thinking.

Some of the memories of that day, which I want to share, are below:

The Boss Baby

Yesterday, I had seen an amazing animated movie “The Boss Baby”. The story was amazing. There was a pampered boy who does not want any other sibling, even the thought of having a sibling was stifling for him. Unfortunately, the other baby boy came (not born) who was really very much bossy, by nature. His bossy expressions were too cute in the movie. At start, it was difficult for him to swallow the thought of not being  ‘the only child’ of his parents, but afterwards the two brothers were became very good friends. The story was interesting and I suggest you all to enjoy this movie…